We have true Commitment & Dedication towards

the level of training quality we deliver to our clients

CBTzone offers a Custom Product creation service

which will reduce the time wasted in training new employees on the company applications



CBTzone products allow you to create a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content for a group of students or employees

CBTzone Provides courses in a class environment

for groups to reduse the needed time, place and cost by using the Multi License

Cbtzone  provide reliable, scalable and educational video / sound learning solutions


Whether you are new to Computer Programming or an experienced programmer, our computer programming products offer you the best in self-placed training for both...

Graphic Design

Whether you are new to "Graphic Designs", or you are a gifted professional "Graphic Designer", our computer graphic design products will be your gateway to a colorful...


Being new to Computers and Networking won't be a problem for you to be a Network Engineer. Our interactive, multimedia training kits include everything you would...


If you were new to computers, or even if you were an expert, building a solid base in the basic Computer Applications is a must. Our ICDL and Advanced Microsoft Office Products are all you need to...